Branding For a Classical Music Festival

Project Overview & Impact

Overview: The objective of this project was to create a brand identity, website, and all marketing materials to help establish the Vienna Summer Music Festival as one of the most recognized and sought-after educational programs for young artists.

Project Impact: VSMF was able to better engage with prospective students and establish trust from the beginning, thanks to a well-thought-out design process for the website and branding.

Category: Education, Arts
My Role: Graphic Designer/UI Designer
Timeline: 3 Months
Deliverables: Web design, Print, Branding
Tools: Adobe Suite, WordPress, InVision

Web Design

Creating an Online Presence to Establish Quality and Trust

"Vienna Summer Music Festival" was launched to provide its young participants with the highest quality of instruction taught by renowned opera and classical music faculty. In addition, the website functioned as a vehicle to guide its prospective students to learn more about the program and enroll to be part of this unique opportunity.

brand identity

the Inspiration Behind The Logo

I wanted to associate the brand with classical music and the arts. The idea took shape by taking inspiration from classical instruments and led to the logo's design to accomplish my goal. The logo is meant to capture the essence of a classical instrument, taking inspiration from the scroll, where the tuning pegs are.

The application of the logo could have also played a significant role in all the objects used by staff members or merchandise sold by the company to ensure the continuity of the brand.


Gaining Trust and Sales Through Design

A series of brochures for the Vienna Summer Music Festival programs were designed with a simple but effective aesthetic to inform and educate prospective students about the many educational programs available, the professional educators, and program logistics.