Rebranding For A Green Company

Project Overview & Impact

Overview: SDL Citadel, a renewable energy company, was looking for a new brand identity and a more robust presence online to illustrate all the benefits of its technology better and more efficiently.

Project Impact: SDL Citadel took advantage of the new website to better showcase its technology's characteristics and the benefits. Clients' contacts were increased substantially in the first month.

Category: Renewable Energy
My Role:
Art Director, Graphic Designer & Strategist
2 Months
Branding, Collateral, Advertisement, Print, Website Concept
Adobe Suite, InVision


About The Company

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, SDL Citadel is a renewable energy company that owns patented technology that cost-effectively converts non-hazardous, post-industrial materials (e.g., paper and plastics) and biomass into energy through modular and portable gasification technology.

web design

Renewable Energy

One of the requests from SDL was to redesign its website and make it more educational on the subject of renewable energies. They were also thinking of updating their logo in the long run to match their vision of cost-effective ways to convert waste into energy.


A new brand identity

SDL Citadel wanted to give a new perception and a clear indication to the public of what the company was doing. A green approach to energy production and a cost-effective way to produce power was the main message that should have been incorporated into the new logo.