Opera Orlando

Project Overview & Impact

Overview: Opera Orlando was looking for a creative way to advertise and promote the opening of their new opera season, the company itself, and everyone involved in this great organization.

Project Impact: Thanks to this effort, the company reached an audience of more than ten thousand people through its following productions and events.

Category: Performing Arts
My Role:
Art Director, Graphic Designer & Strategist
12 Months
Branding, Collateral, Advertisement, Print, Website Concept
Adobe Suite, InVision

web design

About The Company

Opera Orlando is an entertainment company focused on on-stage performances and on many educational programs to bring opera to a younger audience. Therefore, a new website was needed to ensure that all the company's activities had their own space and importance, from every single show of the season to all the programs for the younger generation.


Bookmarks, handouts and more...

A series of posters, handouts, bookmarks, billboards, booklets, and postcards were designed to promote the relaunch of Opera Orlando and its new season. Three shows were announced using different channels to reach a large audience.