A Career Coach
with a mission

Project Overview & Impact

Overview: One Step Up Coaching was looking for a new brand identity and a new website that could better educate the user on the value of a customized coaching experience.

Project Impact:
A more targeted and creative website redesign and business rebranding initiative resulted in more frequent and sustained connections with prospective clients. Shortly after the launch of the new website and the logo, the business experienced an increase in general inquiries, quote requests, and scheduled appointments.

Category: Career Coaching
My Role:
Graphic Designer
4 Months
Branding, Website
Adobe Suite, Webflow
Team: UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Developer, Photographer, Copywriter

one step up coaching

A new Website

One Step Up Coaching offers a customized coaching experience for motivated professionals seeking greater clarity and fulfillment in their careers. Thanks to the new branding and website redesign, the project aims to gain trustworthiness while providing a timeless and welcoming reading experience with plenty of insights, wisdom, and inspirational content to help current and prospective clients better cope with their career transitions with knowledge and confidence.

Above: One Step Up new website screens.

A new brand identity

We talked about a new logo for One Step Up from the beginning of the project while discussing what the new website should look like. Our conversations focused on the emotions the logo should trigger and how it could complete the overall look and feel of the website.

My idea was to focus on the word "up" instead of going in the direction of something abstract. "Up" almost always conveys an upward movement or a higher position or intensity. This aligns with the objective of the business, which is to help clients better cope with their career transitions with knowledge and confidence.

Putting all these elements together helped me achieve a sense of movement in the logo, a sort of transition, a personal improvement. It's like the letter "U," in blue, represents the client that has been helped by the letter "P," in orange, which represents the coach, to step up, move forward, and achieve a better career.

Above: One Step Up new Brand Identity book. Below: Logo application on merchandise and business cards.