MARketing video

BeRThA's course ad video.

BeRThA® is a unique program that functions as part of any school's overall School Violence Prevention Program in the USA. I led and executive produced the ad for the new eLearning content to help schools recognize and respond to early warning signs related to "behaviors of concern."

Above: An animated video introducing the online training program called "BERTHA" (Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment) licensed by Firestorm Solutions, LLC. in partnership with The University of Alabama.
email campaign and social media

Deux Mains Campaigns.

From the beginning, Deux Mains was presented as an alternative to mass production fashion. While the prices were still competitive, the factory produced high-quality products with diverse materials, from leather to repurposed tires as soles for footwear or accessories details. Therefore, it was necessary to present the product differently, highlighting the location where products were made and its beautiful people and land.

Above: Deux Mains email marketing campaign and newsletter.
Above and below: Deux Mains, mother's day social media campaign.
Above and below: Deux Mains, social media campaign.
Above: Deux Mains, social media campaign, black Friday.
Above: Deux Mains booth, designed for an event in Dallas, TX, 2020.
event marketing

Runway to Haiti.

REBUILD globally is a nonprofit organization promoting prosperity by growing an educated and skilled workforce in Haiti and ensuring a pathway to dignified employment. Every individual who graduates from their programs transitions into dignified work at  Deux Mains. Every year a fashion show is created in Orlando, FL, to spread awareness and reinforce collaborations with major sponsors.

Above: Rebuild Globally, Runway to Haiti programs; it was given to all the guests before the show.
Above and Below: Rebuild Globally, Clear Channel sponsored billboard for the event.
Above: Rebuild Globally, Runway to Haiti event flyers.
Above and below: Rebuild Globally, Runway to Haiti event posters.
packaging & collateral

Opera Orlando Season Campaign.

Opera Orlando was looking for a creative way to advertise and promote the opening of their new opera season, the company itself, and everyone involved in this great organization.

Above: Opera Orlando, season campaign postcards, and handouts.
Above and below: Opera Orlando, season campaign billboards (Clear Channel).
Above: Opera Orlando, season campaign banners.
Above: Opera Orlando, season campaign booklet, and bookmark; they were given out to all the donors and patrons.
Internal Marketing Campaign

An Internal Marketing Campaign.

The objective of this internal marketing campaign at Actelion, was to create high visibility inside the company of the procurement department. Cutting through workplace noise and ensuring the message got noticed was the main priority.

Above and below: Actelion, internal campaign posters, and decal. They were placed around the office buildings.
Above and below: Actelion, internal campaign, the chocolate bar and brochure used to cure global procurements needs.
marketing campaign

Ballet Posters

I have supported the performing arts, working pro-bono to spread awareness and promote upcoming shows.