rebranding Fashion with a Purpose

Project Overview & Impact

Overview: The main goal at Deux Mains was to create and emphasize a new take on the brand's online store by updating the company brand identity and all collaterals.

Project Impact: The brand awareness and visibility online were enhanced and recognized on social media as well. The website received 30% more visitors in its first month after a redesign with a steady increase in sales.

Category: Retail
My Role: Graphic Designer and UI.
Team: Developer, Project Manager, Stakeholders, Copywriter, Marketing Director.
Deliverables: Web Design, Print and Digital Collateral, Re-Branding, and UI.
Tools: Adobe Suite, WP, InVision, Amazon Store Creator, Shopify.

deux mains

About The Company

Deux Mains is a relatively young footwear and accessories company born after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Highly skilled artisans craft their products, which helps create jobs and income for many of the families affected by this disaster in Port-au-Prince. The factory, located in Haiti, produces high-quality products and provides training for future employees.

web design

An Easy to Use Experience

When I was initially engaged to work with the company, a new eCommerce site was needed to boost awareness and sales online. The objective of their typical customer is to make purchases that make an impact, so we focused on telling Deux Mains' unique story. I put their ethical products at the forefront and ensured the user never lost sight of the Deux Mains story and their unique profit-non-profit partnership.

packaging & collateral

An entertaining way to showcase products

From the beginning, Deux Mains was presented as an alternative to mass production fashion. While the prices were still competitive, the factory produced high-quality products with diverse materials, from leather to repurposed tires as soles for footwear or accessories details. Therefore, it was necessary to present the product differently, highlighting the location where products were made and its beautiful land. The complete spectrum of creative collateral, colors, maps, and photoshoot locations was the primary focus of bringing out and emphasizing the beauty of Haiti. It was also necessary to deliver some entertaining aspects to the whole concept.