An Internal Campaign to Boost Productivity

Project Overview

Overview: The objective of this internal marketing campaign was to create high visibility inside the company of the procurement department. Cutting through workplace noise and ensuring the message got noticed was the main priority.

Project Impact: The results were stunning, and the Global Procurement office was finally well connected with the rest of the company. The workload of the procurement office increased substantially in the first month after the campaign.

Category: Pharmaceutical
My Role:
Art Director, Graphic Designer & Strategist
12 Months
Branding, Collateral, Advertisement, Print, Website Concept
Adobe Suite, InVision
Team: Developer, Project Manager, Stakeholders, Copywriter, Marketing Director.


Behind the idea

The Global Procurement department at Actelion needed a boost in awareness inside the company. What can effectively fix this snag? What could be the cure for this issue? These were the questions that led to releasing a "medicine" that healed this problem. What could be more effective than a bar of chocolate? A package was delivered to almost fifteen hundred employees, with a pamphlet and a chocolate bar disguised as a medicine. The brochure and chocolate box, even though were mimic a treatment, were designed to explain what procurement does and how to contact the global procurement office in case of need.

the campaign

Prototype, Ideas, And Delivery

One of the medicine box prototypes was designed to have some fun content. The drug facts contained sections like Active ingredients (Burst of Genius, Mind-blowing Results, Performance Award), Directions, Side Effects (Facial Chocolate smear, Random high fives, Stendhal syndrome), and Other Information (Studies have shown that using Global Procurement can diminish frustration, relieve confusion, fix errors, and reduce paperwork).