A little bit about me

I'm Davide.

I am a highly skilled, accomplished, and motivated Art Director/UI Designer with more than 15 years of experience creating well-designed brand ecosystems for diverse B2B and B2C organizations.

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Selected Projects

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Various Campaigns

I have worked throughout the years on various marketing campaigns for diverse companies, ranging from medium to large businesses and international corporations as well.

client work

A Career Coach
with a mission

Overview: One Step Up was looking for a new brand identity and a new website that could better educate the user on the importance of a customized coaching experience.

Project Impact: Thanks to redesign and rebranding, a better connection was established with the users, and an increase in contacts, quotes, and client acquisition was noticed in a brief period.

client work

e-Learning Platform & Online Courses

Overview: The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies was looking for a new eLearning platform containing on-demand course offerings.

Project Impact:
Increased the platform usability and functionality compared to what they were using by creating interacting features, quizzes and an easy to use interface.

client work

Redesigning an LMS for Corporate Training

Overview: I successfully helped relaunch, Supply Chain Education, where I was responsible for Rebranding and Redesigning the LMS platform and learning content for B2B.

Project Impact: I collaborated remotely with an international team UI designers, an instructional designer, and a developer, and together we saw a 96% success rate in our users' educational accomplishments and resulted in a 30% increased revenue in client referrals.

client work

rebranding Fashion with a Purpose

Overview: The main goal at Deux Mains was to create and emphasize a new take on the brand's online store by updating the company brand identity and all collaterals.

Project Impact: The brand awareness and visibility online were enhanced and recognized on social media as well. The website received 30% more visitors in its first month after a redesign with a steady increase in sales.

client work

Internal Marketing Campaign

Overview: The objective of this internal marketing campaign was to create high visibility inside the company of the procurement department. Cutting through workplace noise and ensuring the message got noticed was the main priority.

Project Impact: The results were stunning, and the Global Procurement office was finally well connected with the rest of the company. The workload of the procurement office increased substantially in the first month after the campaign.

client work

Branding For a Classical Music Festival

Overview: For the inception of the Vienna Summer Music Festival, I had the opportunity to create the Branding, Web Design, and Marketing Collateral for their first annual international educational program located in Vienna, Austria.

Project Impact: VSMF was able to better engage with prospective students and establish trust from the beginning, thanks to a well-thought-out design process for the website and branding.

client work

Energy Companies Branding

Overview: During a twelve months period, I worked on several projects in the oil industry field. Several sub-companies of a major brand needed rebranding, website, and collateral.

Project Impact: Thanks to this effort, these companies had their own well-defined brand identity that played a significant role in developing collateral for this industry, such as technical spec sheets, detailed product pages, and services.

pro-bono work

Opera Orlando

Overview: Opera Orlando was looking for a creative way to advertise and promote the opening of their new opera season, the company itself, and everyone involved in this great organization.

Project Impact: Thanks to this effort, the company reached an audience of more than ten thousand people through its following productions and events.

client work

Business Solutions, and Innovation

Overview: An award-winning solutions company and a Microsoft® Gold Partner, Aztec Systems was looking for new ideas to enhance the company's overall look, feel, and online visibility.

Project Impact: Increased the website usability and functionality by creating interacting features to educate prospective clients. Created a successful marketing campaign to gain clients.

client work

Rebranding For a Green Company

Overview: SDL Citadel, a renewable energy company, was looking for a new brand identity and a more robust presence online to better and more efficiently illustrate all the benefits of its technology.

Project Impact: SDL Citadel took advantage of the new website to better showcase its technology's characteristics and the benefits. Clients' contacts were increased substantially in the first month.